When your PCOS turns out to be HA

Sep 11, 2022 | Recovery Stories

Jess Hodge is a wife, mom of two with one on the way, and a recent graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association program.  After years of being on hormonal birth control, restricting her food intake, over exercising, and trying to control her body, she went off the pill when her and her husband were ready to grow their family… and her period never showed up. 

Those next years were spent misdiagnosed with PCOS, jumping to medications to conceive, and fighting the ups and downs of infertility and with a very irregular cycle. Turns out the reason for her missing period wasn’t PCOS after all, it was actually Hypothalmic Amenorrhea (HA)!

Through her experience of diving in to heal her hormones and body, Jess is now a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) who feels passionate about helping women find food & freedom exercise so they too can recover and regulate their cycles, optimize their fertility, and conceive naturally.

In this episode we cover

  • Overcoming denial that you have HA
  • Getting your period back while marathon training
  • Learning to take a break from running to get pregnant
  • Finding food freedom after years of disordered eating
  • Natural pregnancy after fertility treatment
  • Prepping to become a mom of 3!

To hear more about Jess, her story, and what she does now you can follow her on Instagram @jesshodgewellness https://www.instagram.com/jesshodgewellness/?hl=en

You Can Recover from HA and Restore Your Fertility

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I’m a fertility nutritionist and registered dietitian who specializes in hypothalamic amenorrhea. My passion is helping women trying to conceive find freedom with food and exercise, so they can recover their period, and get pregnant naturally.

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