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Bridging The Gap In Practitioner Care for Period Recovery

Bridging The Gap In Practitioner Care for Period Recovery

Join me and my friend Cynthia Donovan a.k.a. the Period Nutritionist as we discuss the gaps we see currently in our healthcare system with properly diagnosing and treating Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and our hope for how our new program, Period Recovery Practitioner will...

Cervical Mucus During Period Recovery

Cervical Mucus During Period Recovery

Are you taking steps to recover from hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA), but unsure if you’re on the right track?  As a registered dietitian specializing in period loss, I teach my clients how to recover their periods (More on that here!), but I get it - in the midst of...

The Period Recovery and Fertility Podcast:

On the Period Recovery and Fertility Podcast we discuss the challenging, rewarding, and life-changing process of recovering your period and finding freedom with a healthier balance of food and exercise. Whether you’re hoping to regain your cycle and get your health on track, or you’re ready to become a momma- this podcast is for you.

While the recovery process isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, it’s my hope to bring you both information and inspiration during your own recovery journey.

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The topic of infertility related to disordered eating and period loss is very near and dear to my heart. By sharing my personal story with HA, recovery, and life after recovery I’ve connected with thousands of women who share a similar experience. Having a podcast is a way for me to continue to share inspiration and spread awareness about HA, how to recover, and talk about what it’s like to finally have freedom with food and exercise!

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