Shutting down Diet Culture, Reversing HA, and Becoming a Mom

Feb 6, 2023 | Let's Hear From The Experts

Deanna is a nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Dietitian Deanna, LLC. Deanna is a pioneer in the online space, creating a loyal community through her Instagram @DietitianDeanna TikTok @dietitian.deanna, blog and podcast DEATS and Deanna (ranked top 10 in mental health) where her community trusts her with sound non-diet nutrition advice and inspiration. Deanna is famous on multiple social media platforms for shutting down diet culture.

Deanna has seen over 650 women achieve a simpler relationship with food in her signature Food Freedom Breakthrough program and has also helped almost 100 women and men build and scale their online business using social media in her Online Entrepreneur Academy. She has represented top brands like Aldi, Nestle, Jeep, and KIND and is regularly featured in articles like Health Magazine and The Today Show.

Deanna has turned from an unconfident dietitian into a 7 figure-entrepreneur, body confidence activist, and business coach and has taken her Instagram community along her compelling journey of disordered eating, body acceptance, personal & business growth. She is passionate about everything she does and continues to empower women, dietitians and end-consumers in all that she does.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why Macros are bogus –
  • Your relationship with food and how it impacts your child’s –
  • Obgyns saying No Period is NBD- Period recovery…twice! –
  • Postpartum body image

You can learn more about Food Freedom Breakthrough here

You Can Recover from HA and Restore Your Fertility

Apply to Join the Food Freedom Fertility Society.

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I’m a fertility nutritionist and registered dietitian who specializes in hypothalamic amenorrhea. My passion is helping women trying to conceive find freedom with food and exercise, so they can recover their period, and get pregnant naturally.

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