Natural Pregnancy after Failed Fertility Treatment

Nov 9, 2022 | Recovery Stories

Carlee lives in Canada with her husband Jordan and their French bulldog Elmer. Carlee works as an accountant by day and a personal trainer in the evenings and on the weekends. 

Carlee has come a long way on her food freedom and her fertility journey. After a long journey of fertility treatment not working, she decided to address the root cause of her missing period. In the process, she drastically improved her relationship with food. If you would have asked her a year ago what is your favorite food, she probably would have told you some  sort of vegetable. She is now happy to claim ice cream or waffles after going through recovery from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). She was also able to get pregnant completely naturally in less than 6 months and she recently welcomed a baby girl into the world!

Topics Covered in this Episode:

– Period recovery in under 1 month 

– Overcoming body dysmorphia

– Processing through failed fertility treatment cycles 

– Challenging your idea of “health”

– Fostering a positive body image during pregnancy 

You Can Recover from HA and Restore Your Fertility

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I’m a fertility nutritionist and registered dietitian who specializes in hypothalamic amenorrhea. My passion is helping women trying to conceive find freedom with food and exercise, so they can recover their period, and get pregnant naturally.

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